Civil society organisations made recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the processes involved in creating, publishing, promoting, and monitoring the European Commission’s Rule of Law Report’s recommendations. Developed with inputs from organizations hailing mostly from the Central and Eastern European region and involved in the day-to-day work around the Reports in their countries and at the EU-wide level, the paper reflects discussions from a workshop held in Brussels in April 2024.


Since the Russian aggression against Ukraine, in solidarity with Ukrainians we are working for European support for their fight for freedom. We give voice to the citizens of Ukraine by organizing together with weekly magazine “Polityka” a series of debates “Voices of Ukraine”. What makes the Ukrainian resistance so effective, and why is the Ukrainian society so resilient? What do the Ukrainians want with regard to the European Union, NATO, and other alliances? What is the reconstruction of the country following the war supposed to look like? We talk to Ukrainian experts, journalists and people of culture.


As we mark the anniversary of the unjust and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and condemn the continued aggression of the Russian regime, we remain committed to supporting an independent, resilient, secure and sustainable Ukraine.


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A debate by The Club of Rome, Open Society Foundation, Systemiq and Stefan Batory Foundation about “International System Change Compass. The Global Implications of Achieving the European Green Deal” report laying out the systems change needed for a globally just and sustainable European Green Deal.