Helpers Aid Fund

Grants for organizations carrying out activities for refugees and migrants

We offer support to community-based organizations providing assistance to refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border and providing support to persons residing in centers for foreigners in Poland.

Grants (depending on the needs and action plan presented in the application) are available to organizations invited to apply, which:

  • provide humanitarian, medical, legal assistance to refugees/refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border,
  • provide legal and medical assistance to persons staying in centers for foreigners,
  • monitor the situation on the border and conditions in centers for foreigners, document and publicize violations of Polish, international law and human rights protection, conduct advocacy activities at the local, national and international levels.

The grant can cover:

  • costs related to the conduct of relief activities, including the purchase of necessary equipment and resources for staff, victualling, costs of transportation, accommodation, communications, salaries,
  • administrative costs, including rent, utilities, accounting, etc.
  • psychological and psychotherapeutic support for those involved in providing assistance (post-traumatic stress, burnout, support groups),
  • all other costs justified by the activities carried out.

Grant funds can be spent from the signing of the agreement until December 31, 2024.


Building the civil society agenda in the area of migration and integration policy

In addition, we provide support to organizations involved in building the civil society agenda in the area of migration and integration policy, including the preparation of assumptions and proposals for legal solutions, networking of organizations carrying out activities for refugees and migrants, building a system of mutual learning and support, advocacy activities with local and central authorities, foreign donors and international agencies.

We provide grants in the amount depending on the needs and action plans only to invited by name civil society organisations that cooperate with other organizations.


Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
Running a Crisis Intervention Point providing humanitarian assistance to refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border: funding for coordination, psychological support, volunteer meals, and administrative costs. 100,000 PLN


Bezkres Foundation, Gródek
Organizing and providing humanitarian aid and first medical aid in Podlasie: coordinator’s salary, administrative costs, maintenance and repair of vehicles. PLN 50,000

Bezkres Foundation, Gródek
Respite support for caregivers and preparation of a multimedia exhibition on the fates of refugees. 50,000 PLN

Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
Running of the Crisis Intervention Point in Podlasie, salary for coordinators, covering food costs for volunteers, administrative costs, electricity, gas, waste disposal, warehouse rental. PLN 50,000

Egala Association, Bialystok
Psychological support for migrants and refugees and humanitarian aid workers, meeting of organizations and informal groups involved in humanitarian aid at the border. PLN 44,000

Mova Association – language without barriers, Warsaw
Organizing and providing translation services (Arabic, Sorani and Persian) for refugees and migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border, in medical facilities and in centers for foreigners: translation and coordination costs. PLN 47,000

Rule of Law Institute Foundation, Lublin
Preparing positions on the detention of foreigners and conducting refugee cases in Poland for migration authorities of EU countries and/or lawyers representing foreigners in asylum proceedings. 44,000 PLN

The Association for Legal Intervention, Warsaw
Activities of the PomocSoc Team: ongoing support for groups and activists assisting people in guarded centers for foreigners (i.a. costs of parcel deliveries, travel, costs of purchasing material aid for people in SOC), trainings and follow-up podcasts aimed at aid workers. PLN 40,000


Białystok and Supraśl Group
Subsidising the purchase of food, winter clothes, thermos flasks, torches, heaters for activists and refugees in the forest. PLN 4,000

Egala Association, Bialystok
“Social Archive of the Humanitarian Crisis” – building public awareness and sensitivity to the situation related to the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border: conducting and disseminating research, organizing monthly seminars, producing webinars and podcasts, website, promotional activities. PLN 29,750

Egala Association, Bialystok
Activities supporting people on the move, migrants and refugees in the Polish-Belarusian border region, both in intervention and humanitarian aid in the forest as well as in hospitals and guarded centres. PLN 50,000

Group under Walizka Foundation, Sanok
Support activities for refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border and in Guarded Centres for Foreigners. Costs of travel to Podlasie and legal, psychological and material support for detainees in Wędrzyn and Przemyśl. PLN 4,000

Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center, Kraków
Legal aid for asylum-seekers in open centers, persons in the return procedure in guarded centers, and foreigners applying for international protection in Poland as part of the Safe Home project.  PLN 38,400

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights on behalf of the Border Group, Warsaw
Providing legal support to foreigners crossing the Belarusian-Polish border through volunteers working in the border area – duty lawyers at the Monitoring Centre. PLN 30,000

Manufaktura Inicjatyw Różnorodnych Association, Wypuszczone collective, Ochodze
Psychological and therapeutic support for people helping those in need on the Polish-Belarusian border. PLN 50,000

Mova Association – language without barriers, Warsaw
Translation for refugees in need (face-to-face and remote), translation assistance in centres for foreigners and hospitals. PLN 36,000

Nature and Culture House Association, Teremiski
Running a permanent place for volunteers and local activists from Białowieża, Hajnówka and the Białowieża Forest region, as well as a warehouse with donations for refugees, heating the building, covering the costs of supplies, transport and coordination. PLN 49,000

No Border Group, Czeremcha, Nurzec Stacja
Costs of repairing the car and minor repairs at the site of activist meetings, purchase of thermal imaging equipment for rescuing people in the forest. PLN 4000

Our Imaginarium Association, Żyrardów
Organisation of the Borderland Crisis Forum: support and counselling for local governments from the state of emergency zone, information activities for residents of municipalities in Podlasie. PLN 5,500

Polish Hospitality Foundation, Warsaw
Running a Crisis Intervention Point in Podlasie, purchase of fuel, tickets, food, personal protective equipment for activists, workshops for volunteers and Polish language course for refugees in the Guarded Center for Foreigners in Białystok. PLN 50,000

Siemiatycze Group, Siemiatycze
Running a warehouse with in-kind donations for refugees, retrofitting costs. PLN 4,000

„Tere Warehouse” Group, Teremiski
Running a warehouse with in-kind donations for refugees, retrofitting costs. PLN 4,000


Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
Purchase of equipment for people providing aid to migrants and bookkeeping for the Crisis Intervention Centre on the Polish-Belarusian border. PLN 5,200

Free Word Zone Foundation, Warsaw
Co-ordination of volunteers in-kind help for refugees in the vicinity of Augustów and Sejny, counselling support for people involved in the project: residents, activists. PLN 30,000

Group from Narewka
Costs of transport of activists, purchase of thermal imaging equipment to rescue migrants in the forest. PLN 4,000

Group from Suprasl
Cost of transport and thermal clothing for activists, purchase of medicine and food rations for migrants in the forest. PLN 4,000

Halina Nieć Legal Aid Centre, Krakow
Co-ordination of the Centre’s work and support for volunteers in County Hajnówka, on-duty lawyer.  PLN 30,000

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw
Legal aid, psychological assistance and translation services for foreigners in guarded centres and those who attempt to apply for international protection in Poland immediately upon crossing the Belarusian-Polish border. PLN 30,000

Homo Faber Association, Lublin
Psychological assistance and crisis intervention, training, co-ordination of volunteers, collections of essentials, field and technical teams at the border, crisis communication management during intense interventions. PLN 30,000

Lower Silesian Women’s Congress Association, Wroclaw
Purchase and transport of aid packages to the border, storage of collected gifts, arranging accommodation for activists. PLN 30,000

No Borders, Group, Warsaw
Meetings with a psychotraumatologist for activists and others on the border. PLN 4,000

Nomada Association for the Integration of Multicultural Society, Wroclaw
Co-ordination of activities to support refugee families, legal support for attorneys working at the border, monitoring and documenting developments at the border, legal support for asylum seekers, purchase of clothing and equipment, team transportation and supervision costs. PLN 30,000

Polish Migration Forum Foundation, Izabelin
Counselling support for people in Guarded Centres for Foreigners, translation, monitoring, advocacy and networking activities, purchase of equipment, counselling support for the team. PLN 30,000

RegenerAction Foundation, Szczawnica
Psychological and intervention support for activists at the border: permanent on-line service, on-site services, stress relief treatment, supervision. PLN 30,000

Rights Equator Foundation Group, Wroclaw
The cost of transporting people participating in the ‘Mothers to the Border. Forest Is No Place for Children”. PLN 4,000

Salvation Foundation, Warsaw
Purchase of warm clothing (jackets, thermoactive clothing and boots) for the Foundation volunteers and staff assisting migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border. PLN 30,000

Ucieleśnienie [Embodiment] Collective, Hajnówka
Counselling support for individuals who actively help migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border. PLN 4,000