We propose solutions to make Poland’s foreign policy effective and to strengthen its standing within the European Union and on the World stage. We analyse foreign policy of Polish government and that of Poland’s partners. We draft policy proposals that help build good relations with our neighbours. We seek to strengthen our country’s participation in- and influence on EU’s external policy. In times when in Poland and in some other EU member states democracy and EU integration are being increasingly challenged, we emphasise the importance of devising common policies to protect the EU as a community of values.

We identify crucial challenges and recommend actions with respect to Poland’s relationship with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We pursue civic and expert dialogue with our Eastern neighbours. Together with the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine we organise regular meetings of politicians, experts, and civil society as part of the Poland-Ukraine Forum. We participate in dialogue between the EU and Russia, including as a member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and Eastern Partnership Civil Sociate Forum.

Together with our Ukrainian partners, Europe Without Borders and Renaissance Foundation, we monitor functioning of the Polish-Ukrainian border and its impact on local communities. We suggest solutions to alleviate operation of border and the livelihood of communities on both sides of the border line. The results of our research can be found in a report “Borders of a modern neighbourhood (PL)”, which we presented to local communities and authorities, border guards, experts, and other stakeholders.