Ukraine Solidarity Fund

The Fund offers institutional support to civil society organisations that provide systematic and long-term assistance to people fleeing war in Ukraine. Grants are awarded to organisations providing direct humanitarian, medical, legal, psychological, social assistance to people crossing the border, as well as to organisations offering long-term support in Poland (including assistance in finding accommodation and employment, child care, adaptation to new conditions, etc.).

Support from the Fund is  granted only to  civil society organizations with good track record and proven competence in assisting  refugees and migrants  The Fund also supports efforts to coordinate aid activities carried out by organisations at the local and national levels, in various areas of support.

Grants can be used to cover all costs that are needed  for  organisation’s operation: employment of additional staff, coordination, communication and transport, renumeration of specialists (psychologists, translators, lawyers, intercultural assistants etc.),  office rent, purchase of equipment, media, accountancy  and all other costs related to the emergency situation which cannot be financed from other sources (collections, grants or donations).

Grant amount will depend on the needs and action plan presented in the application.

Grants’ duration: 12 months

Organisations awarded with institutional grants will be offered  additional  tailor-made support to improve the security of their operations in the context of new challenges, including in particular digital security and personal data protection.

Fund’s budget: The initial pool of the Fund is PLN 2.5 million from the Foundation’s own resources. The Fund’s budget will be systematically increased by funds raised from other institutional and individual donors, including donations made in the framework of the European Banks for Ukraine campaign conducted on the initiative of the Polish Bank Association by the EU national banking federations among banks and their clients.

Contact: [email protected]

For donors

We invite individual, institutional and corporate donors to contribute to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund. Donations can be paid:

Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
Assistance activities for refugees from Ukraine: organisation of transport for children with disabilities from orphanages, running an intervention hostel for refugees who do not have Ukrainian passports, organisation of housing in Poland, legal aid, organisation of day care and activities for children, running a Ukrainian school: costs of co-ordination of assistance activities and work of volunteers, purchase of IT equipment, implementation of system security policy and protection of user data. PLN 111,500

Halina Nieć Legal Aid Centre, Kraków
Providing legal aid to refugees from Ukraine: managing a regular hotline and legal consultation desks, providing assistance in cases involving stateless persons, third country nationals and unaccompanied minors; conducting training and consultations for volunteers, i.e. law students and lawyers providing pro-bono legal aid; consultations and legal aid to persons residing in detention centres for foreigners; co-ordination of legal aid to refugees from Ukraine within the Multicultural Centre in Kraków. PLN 187,300

Homo Faber Association, Lublin
Activities to help refugees from Ukraine: co-ordination of volunteers local committee refugee relief in Lublin, provision of training for psychologists and mental counsellors, including crisis interventionists, provision of training for people working with children, including teachers, assistants, educators, animators, designing classroom and educational content regarding counselling, care and intervention work with children and adults who have experienced war. PLN 109,000

Immigrants Support Centre, Gdańsk
Legal aid for foreigners, residence counselling, legalization counselling, career counselling within the Centre for Protection of Immigrants’ Rights conducted in 4 languages (Polish, Russian, English, Ukrainian) in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Tczew and Pruszcz, support for education system and cultural assistants, developing methodology and materials for learning Polish: salaries of co-ordinators, accounting and financial support for the Centre, transportation costs. PLN 128,000

Laboratory for Peace Association, Kraków
Running a help desk in Kraków in the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre building in Radziwiłowska Street and a 24/7 hotline for refugees in Ukrainian and Polish, providing basic information on accommodation and forms of support: costs of hotline operation and accounting costs. PLN 30,000

Rule of Law Institute Foundation, Lublin
Providing legal aid to refugees from Ukraine: managing a hotline, providing legal consultations and advice, deliver training and consultations for volunteers and lawyers providing pro bono assistance to refugees; co-ordinating legal aid within the Social Committee for Assistance to Refugees in Lublin. PLN 112,000

Union of Ukrainians in Poland, Przemyśl
Measures to help refugees at border crossings in Medyka, Korczowa and at the train station in Przemyśl; co-ordination of volunteer work at the Narodny Dom centre. PLN 72,000