Ukraine Solidarity Fund

The Fund, established in February 2022 after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, offers support to social organizations that provide assistance to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. In 2022, support from the Fund was available to invited by name social organizations that provided humanitarian, medical, legal, psychological, social and living assistance to people crossing the border and support during their stay in Poland.

Grant competition for integration initiatives in local communities

In 2023, under the Fund, we offer assistance to organizations that undertake activities for the adaptation and integration of refugees and refugee women in the local environment by creating places and spaces conducive to mutual understanding and acceptance, and the prevention of cultural conflicts and discrimination.

Applications are invited from organizations carrying out or intending to carry out integration activities in the local community that demonstrate knowledge of the local context and needs and present a plan to engage residents and refugees in joint activities. We especially invite organizations co-founded by people with migration and refugee experience, people from national, ethnic and other minorities.

Applications can be submitted by organizations registered in Poland: foundations, ordinary and registered associations, associations of associations, social cooperatives, rural housewives’ circles, church legal entities registered in the National Court Register. We support only statutory and regulatory activities (in the case of ordinary associations).

Within the framework of the competition we support:

  • activities in local communities, especially in smaller urban centers and rural areas, which serve to integrate, get to know each other and build trust between people fleeing war and the host community, introduce refugees and refugee women to the local social and cultural context, enable dialogue, meeting, exchange of experiences, joint cyclical activities;
  • activities that integrate and include people and groups with refugee experience particularly vulnerable to discrimination and unequal treatment on the basis of ethnic and national origin, gender, gender identity, psychosexual orientation, age, disability, etc..;
  • Activities targeting the host community, e.g., information and activation activities with the participation of local communities, the Ukrainian diaspora and migrant women/men communities in Poland, activities in the field of intercultural education, , counteracting prejudice, discrimination and preventing conflicts, as well as resolving conflicts and alleviating tensions, e.g., mediation.

We do not support school education and language courses as the main or only activity, or one-off events (e.g., festivals, fests, conferences).

In the application submitted through the online application system (in Polish only), we ask, among other things, for a diagnosis of the situation in the local community in the context of integration needs and challenges, a presentation of previous activities carried out in support of Ukrainian refugees undertaken after February 24, 2022, a description and budget of the planned activities, as well as information on income and expenses in 2022 (if any).

The competition offers grants of up to PLN 60,000.

Budget of the competition: PLN 1.5 million.


The grant can be used to cover all costs necessary for the implementation of the planned activities: costs of substantive activities (e.g., materials, rental of space for project activities, victualling, staff salaries, etc.) and administrative costs (e.g., rent, utilities, accounting, etc.), as well as other reasonable costs. In case of unforeseen circumstances during the implementation of activities, it will be possible to modify the plan and budget.

Period of use of the grant

The period of implementation of activities financed by the grant should be adapted to the action plan, but cannot be shorter than 6 months and longer than 12 months in the period from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.

Submission of applications

Applications are accepted only through the online application system from the announcement of the competition until February 28. One organization can submit one application.

Preview the application form in pdf version (in Polish only).

Schedule of the competition

Stage I: February 1 – February 28, 2023

Submission of applications in the online application system.

By March 24

Invitation to online interviews of organizations invited to stage II.

Stage II: March 27 – April 21, 2023

Interviews with representatives/s of invited organizations.

Organizations invited to the interview will be asked to send a financial report for the last year, and in the case of new organizations (established in 2022) – a statement of income and expenses for 2022.

By April 28

Announcement of the list of grants awarded.

Procedure for evaluating applications and awarding grants

Applications are evaluated by the Batory Foundation team. Decisions on awarding grants are made by the Board on the basis of the team’s recommendation. There is no procedure for appealing the Board’s decision.

Application Evaluation Criteria:

  • A documented and convincing description of the context and needs related to the integration of refugees and refugee women, supported by data, indicating knowledge and familiarity with the local environment,
  • A rational plan of action,
  • documented resources and qualifications of the team (staff, volunteers) to effectively carry out the planned activities (owned or planned to be acquired),
  • A reasonable budget adapted to the plan of activities presented in the application,
  • (additionally evaluated) inclusion in the organization’s activities of people with refugee experience, people from minority groups exposed to discrimination, from the diaspora and other national and ethnic groups.

The competition is financed by funds from Open Society Foundations, donations from the Union of Polish Banks and the European Banking Federation as part of the the European Banks for Ukraine initiative, the Evens Foundation, and 1% tax contributions.

Contact: [email protected]

For donors

We invite individual, institutional and corporate donors to contribute to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund. Donations can be paid:


Agama Association, Piła
Organization of a series of integration activities “Let’s meet”: family picnic, Halloween party, carol meeting, cyclical activities for children and youth in three age groups (movement, activism, art, sightseeing), activities for women from Polish and Ukrainian communities around common interests (furniture restoration, glass painting, vocal and theater classes, and sports such as yoga or pilates).  PLN 59,392

Art Cluster Foundation, Luboń
Organization in Poznań of a series of workshops „Two Nations, Two Cultures” for children and adults on traditional Ukrainian and Polish folk art: Ukrainian decorative painting, Zalipian painting, Polish and Ukrainian folk songs, traditional cuisine of both nations. PLN 10,190

ART JTM Foundation, Wrocław
Creation of a multicultural participation point in the Oława suburb (weekly standby services – information and assistance in solving refugee problems) and a multicultural place for children and youth (board games, films, homework, access to computers, etc.), organization of weekly art and creative classes for the Polish-Ukrainian community, implementation of projects for young people of different nationalities. PLN 37,000

Association for Children and Young People SZANSA, Głogów
Opening a youth integration cafe run by young Ukrainian women, organizing a series of events presenting young artists from Ukraine (concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, poetry presentations), meetings promoting volunteerism, youth festival with participation of other national and ethnic groups living in Głogów.  PLN 60,000

Association of lovers of Nowy Dwór Gdański – Klub Nowodworski, Nowy Dwór Gdański
Running a neighborhood club “Słonecznik” („Sunflower”): organizing workshops for people from Poland and Ukraine, joint outings to local cultural sites, and organizing meetings to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Ukrainian Independence Day and August Spas. PLN 56,230

Caritas of the Lublin Archdiocese, Lublin
Organization of educational and recreational trips around Lublin (including promenade, National Museum, Botanical Garden) for a group of Ukrainian seniors, as well as integration dance evenings with a ringleader and refreshments for Polish and Ukrainian seniors. PLN 59,980

Chełm Association for Social Capital Development, Chełm
Conducting a series of meetings for Ukrainian-Polish group of people of different ages: action of joint tree planting, outings to the cinema, educational excursion, handicraft, culinary, dance, art workshops, and for children – regular exercise classes. PLN 47,540

Children And Youth Welfare Association, Ruciane-Nida
Conducting adaptation and integration activities for refugee and refugee women and their host families: integration and sports activities, psychological and pedagogical assistance workshops, intercultural, social competence, visage and styling and culinary meetings, as well as open animation meetings with Polish-Ukrainian culture. PLN 60,000

Farmers’ Circle – Rural Housewives’ Club in Tuchom, Tuchom
Organization of “Perkoz” type boat building classes for a group of children and teenagers from Ukraine and Poland, sailing lessons under the supervision of instructors, organization of a regatta on Lake Tuchom during a family festival, and integrative cooking, music, cosmetics and handicraft workshops for women from Poland and Ukraine. PLN 38,500

Foundation for Integration and Development of Foreigners in Poland, Gorzów Wielkopolski
Organization of meetings and events as part of the Lubuskie Center for Women in Emigration: mediation workshops on cultural differences, integration workshops, Polish-Ukrainian Children’s Day, meetings in the form of a social cafe, meetings with a vocational advisor on the Polish education system and running a business. PLN 60,000

Kazimierzanka Social Cooperative, Kazimierz Dolny
Organization of a series of bilingual thematic educational walks for youth and adults (local customs, Mother’s Day, Vistula River, Ukrainian Constitution Day, Kazimier ravines, harvest festival, Ukrainian Independence Day, searching for autumn, cleaning the city) and running a holiday community center in Kazimierz. PLN 58,600

Kosmos Foundation, Toruń
Conducting a series of painting, jewelry-making and cooking workshops for a group of women from Ukraine and Poland at the Łącznik integration center in Toruń’s Old Town. PLN 46,200

KRAINA Foundation, Warsaw
Creation of a neighborhood place “Kraina Kultury” („Culture Land”) in Warsaw’s Mokotow district. Organization of a series of workshops and meetings to integrate the local community with newcomers: handicraft workshops, vocal workshops, Christmas meetings and multicultural dinners. PLN 56,440

Lambda Warszawa Association, Warsaw
Conducting regular weekly integration meetings for the Ukrainian LGBTQIA group in the form of meetings coordinated by a person from Ukraine, and organizing a five-day activism and integration camp for the Ukrainian-Polish group. PLN 59,750

Leszno for Ukraine Foundation, Leszno
Organization of a series of integration trips around Leszno and the surrounding area, as well as monthly meetings of a film discussion club and a board game club. Running an infopoint for refugees, organizing meetings in schools for youth with a witness to the war from Ukraine, launching a social media campaign to combat fake news about people from Ukraine. PLN 59,756

Lokalsi Foundation, Cieszyn
Running an assistance and information center for refugees in Słupsk: organizing integration games for Polish and Ukrainian children, meetings for women (including knitting, making garlands and flowers from paper, conducting legal advice and talks on the basics of the Polish legal system, self-defense and yoga course for women. PLN 59,780

Ładne Historie Foundation, Świdnica
Conducting Intercultural University of the Third Age: integrative thematic meetings for a group of seniors from Poland and Ukraine in the form of an intercultural cafe, labor market activization activities and tours of Świdnica introducing the newcomers to the topography of the city and the local community. PLN 59,940

Mamma Mia Foundation, Gdańsk
Organization of activities in the form of thematic meetings for women from Ukraine and Poland (mothers of children in foster care): psychological workshops, handicrafts, meeting with a lawyer, beautician, gynecologist, etc. and in parallel organization of activities for children, a carnival ball and a picnic to say goodbye to summer. PLN 34,490

NABU Foundation, Jaslo
Conducting inclusive “do it yourself” creative workshops for children and parents, sports classes for women from Poland and Ukraine (Pilates, outdoor classes with self-defense elements) and motivational coffee meetings with a psychologist of Ukrainian origin (sharing life and parenting difficulties and joint search for solutions). PLN 60,000

Niebieska Strefa (Blue Zone) Development Foundation, Zielona Góra
Conducting integration activities for women raising young children: integration games, sensory activities for toddlers, meetings with specialists on motherhood, art therapy classes for children and youth from Poland and Ukraine, and anti-discrimination classes at schools aimed at counteracting violence against Ukrainian youth. PLN 58,245

OFFicyna Association, Szczecin
Organization of screenings of films important to Polish and Ukrainian cinematography for adult participants of discussion film clubs in Szczecin and for Ukrainian people (including seniors), film therapy and fairy tale therapy meetings for Ukrainian children. PLN 60,000

Oswajanie Miasta (Taming the City) Association, Szczecin
Conducting Polish-Ukrainian integration walks and workshop meetings led by people from Ukraine, selecting in a competition and implementing in the local community initiatives of Polish-Ukrainian informal groups, and creating a large-format mosaic in the public space of Szczecin connecting people from Poland and Ukraine. PLN 60,000

ROSA Federation of Organizations for Social Activity Movement, Przasnysz
Organization of cyclical meetings for children and adults from the Ukrainian and Polish communities: integration workshops, theatrical workshops, robotics and Lego building classes, yoga classes, a trip to the Copernicus Science Center, and workshops (culinary, intercultural education and counteracting prejudice and discrimination) for residents of Przasnysz led by people with refugee experience. PLN 59,995

Samaritan Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations, Zakliczyn
Conducting activities to integrate people from Ukraine with residents of Zakliczyn borough: art therapy workshops, music therapy, culinary workshops, meetings on social and historical issues, and monthly visits to cultural sites and regional sightseeing tours, as well as outings to cinemas and concerts. PLN 60,000

Teraz Ulica (Street Now) Foundation, Bielsko-Biała
Organization of cyclical meetings for children and adults from Poland and Ukraine: herbal, handicraft and art workshops, yoga classes, board games, meetings with filmmakers and interesting people, concerts, trips to the mountains, outdoor city game, handicraft bazaar, joint volleyball viewing and neighborhood cooking in the form of a community kitchen. PLN 36,950

TEREN Society for European Development and National Education, Turowiec
Organization of meetings about Polish and Ukrainian traditions, a series of yoga classes, a photography exhibition, excursions for people from the local and refugee community, as well as a full-day workshop to strengthen the professional competencies of women from the refugee community. PLN 59,920

TRATWA Disaster and Emergency Center, Wrocław, Poland
Conducting meetings for a Polish-Ukrainian group of senior citizens: art workshops, meetings planned by the participants (e.g. culinary meetings, joint outings to cultural sites) and a final meeting “Common Table” for the participants and their families. PLN 51,240

Umbrella Foundation for Supporting Non-Governmental Organizations, Wrocław
Conducting activities to integrate activist(s) from Ukraine into the Wrocław community organization environment: study visits to local institutions and organizations, educational workshops. Polish-Ukrainian integration meetings. PLN 59,660

Unusual Połczyn Association, Połczyn-Zdrój
Creating a place for integration with active participation of the local community, also with refugee experience. Organization of meetings with a psychologist, theater, journalism and photography workshops, board games for a Ukrainian-Polish group of teenagers; joint organization of integration events (picnic, Dziady, anti-discrimination happening, concerts, final meeting), as well as intergenerational cooking and handicraft workshops. PLN 60,000

Wrocław Foundation for European Education and International Cooperation FREYA, Wrocław
Conducting, in Wrocław and suburban schools that have received a significant number of students with refugee experience, a series of workshops on Polish and Ukrainian culture, traditions and history, as well as anti-discrimination workshops under the theme “Culture of Dialogue” aimed to support integration in the school environment. PLN 52,200


Association for the Earth, Bratnik
Relief for persons who flee from Ukraine to the Lublin area, aid provided directly at a help point at Jagodzin, transport, accommodation, food and drink, hotline, Polish and Ukrainian family integration activities in the community garden, Polish classes; co-ordination of aid programmes run by the Association, communications and media relations, administration expenses: telephone, Internet, rent, utilities etc. PLN 108,000

Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
Assistance activities for refugees from Ukraine: organisation of transport for children with disabilities from orphanages, running an intervention hostel for refugees who do not have Ukrainian passports, organisation of housing in Poland, legal aid, organisation of day care and activities for children, running a Ukrainian school: costs of co-ordination of assistance activities and work of volunteers, purchase of IT equipment, implementation of system security policy and protection of user data. PLN 111,500

Ethnos Social and Cultural Association, Łódź
Provision of continuous support for Ukrainian refugees in Łódź, provision of necessities, collection and distribution of relief, support of a cultural assistant, Polish classes, legal aid, counselling for children and adults; co-ordination, assistant’s fee, translation from Ukrainian, accounting.
PLN 100,000

Friends of Bielsko-Biała and Podbeskidzie Society, Bielsko-Biała
Comprehensive relief for people arriving from Ukraine in My BB Foreigner Integration Centre in Bielsko-Biała, necessities, money, mental support, help with finding accommodation, female cultural advisors; co-ordination of secretariat and volunteers, consultation in Polish/Ukrainian/Russian, training and workshops for volunteers, purchase of office equipment. PLN 32,700

Halina Nieć Legal Aid Centre, Kraków
Providing legal aid to refugees from Ukraine: managing a regular hotline and legal consultation desks, providing assistance in cases involving stateless persons, third country nationals and unaccompanied minors; conducting training and consultations for volunteers, i.e. law students and lawyers providing pro-bono legal aid; consultations and legal aid to persons residing in detention centres for foreigners; co-ordination of legal aid to refugees from Ukraine within the Multicultural Centre in Kraków. PLN 187,300

Homo Faber Association, Lublin
Activities to help refugees from Ukraine: co-ordination of volunteers local committee refugee relief in Lublin, provision of training for psychologists and mental counsellors, including crisis interventionists, provision of training for people working with children, including teachers, assistants, educators, animators, designing classroom and educational content regarding counselling, care and intervention work with children and adults who have experienced war. PLN 109,000

Harangos Roma Educational Association, Kraków
Assistance to Roma refugees from Ukraine: organizing transport and relocation to EU countries and humanitarian aid, hiring cultural and social assistants, operating a support and assistance coordination point in Słubice. PLN 87,000

Immigrants Support Centre, Gdańsk
Legal aid for foreigners, residence counselling, legalization counselling, career counselling within the Centre for Protection of Immigrants’ Rights conducted in 4 languages (Polish, Russian, English, Ukrainian) in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Tczew and Pruszcz, support for education system and cultural assistants, developing methodology and materials for learning Polish: salaries of co-ordinators, accounting and financial support for the Centre, transportation costs. PLN 128,000

Laboratory for Peace Association, Kraków
Running a help desk in Kraków in the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre building in Radziwiłowska Street and a 24/7 hotline for refugees in Ukrainian and Polish, providing basic information on accommodation and forms of support: costs of hotline operation and accounting costs. PLN 30,000

Union of Ukrainians in Suwałki Association
Comprehensive support for refugees from Ukraine within the Information and Assistance Centre for Foreigners in Suwałki: work coordination, on-site and hotline consultations, psychological support. PLN 102,000

Rule of Law Institute Foundation, Lublin
Providing legal aid to refugees from Ukraine: managing a hotline, providing legal consultations and advice, deliver training and consultations for volunteers and lawyers providing pro bono assistance to refugees; co-ordinating legal aid within the Social Committee for Assistance to Refugees in Lublin. PLN 112,000

Rule of Law Institute Foundation, Lublin
Implementation of recommendations from the digital security audit of the organisation conducted by the Fourth Sector Foundation as part of the CERT-NGO project (purchase of hardware, software and digital security monitoring services for a period of 36 months). PLN 31,200

The Field of Dialogue Foundation, Warsaw
Activities to support the system of education of Ukrainian children in Polish schools conducted within the framework of the SOS for Education coalition: networking of community organizations and local governments, dissemination of materials and teaching models, exchange of experiences and good practices, monitoring of regulations, conducting advocacy activities, developing expert opinions, advice and legal interpretations. PLN 59,820

Towards Dialogue Foundation, Kraków
Comprehensive support for Roma refugees and refugee women from Ukraine within the Warsaw Roma-Poland-Ukraine Integration Centre: assistance in finding work, accommodation, health care, legal and psychological aid, Polish language lessons for children and adults, support in the adaptation process; employment of a socio-cultural assistant, staff member(s) at the centre, purchase of mobile phones for refugees, organisation of transport. PLN 150,000

Union of Ukrainians in Poland, Przemyśl
Measures to help refugees at border crossings in Medyka, Korczowa and at the train station in Przemyśl; co-ordination of volunteer work at the Narodny Dom centre. PLN 72,000

WiseEuropaWarsaw Institute for Economic and European Studies Foundation, Warsaw
Preparation of recommendations for local and central authorities and foreign donors on the adoption of public policies and ways of their implementation and financing, in connection with the influx of refugees from Ukraine to Poland.  PLN 55,000

ZUSTRICZ Foundation, Kraków
Running an inter-school dormitory for a 50-person group of children and youth from Ukraine during summer vacation: covering the costs of maintenance of rooms, utilities, supplies and food, as well as the salaries of caregivers and coordinators.
PLN 120,000