Rule of law

We promote compliance with democratic and rule of law standards. We advocate for independence of the judiciary and transparency of public institutions. Established rules and procedures have to be clear and understandable to citizens.

In co-operation with our Legal Experts Group, we monitor compliance of new legislative acts with  with the constitution, international law as well as with  democratic and rule of law standards. We analyse the impact of the changes introduced to by the authorities in the justice system,  in particular weakening of independence of the judiciary. We propose solutions for overcoming the crisis of the rule od law in Poland.

Within the frameworks of the Civic Legislative Forum we assess the process of law-making in terms of compliance with good legislation principles. We recommended ways of improving the quality legislative process, such as ensuring greater transparency and the inclusion of citizens in public consultation.

We try to increase transparency and accountability in the public sphere. We recommend policies which help build an efficient non-partisan public administration, free from political pressure and corruption. We show how to prevent corruption and abuse of power, including solutions for strengthening legal protection of whistleblowers and improving transparency and integrity in public procurement. (See more info on projects Integrity Pact, Corruption Barometer).