We, the representatives of civil society organisations in Poland, strongly protest against the attack on independent Ukraine by the troops of the Russian Federation. We express solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine, forced to fight militarily in defence of their country, and all the victims of the aggression, which has been going on since 2014 and to this day has brought death to thousands of people while forcing millions to leave their homes. In this terrible hour of trial you are not alone!


Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, people fleeing attacks by Russian troops have been coming to Poland. They include Ukrainian citizens as well as people from other countries who have found their home in Ukraine. We should remember that they are all fleeing from the same enemy and are in the same situation. They must all be allowed into Poland and treated on an equal basis. Hence, both the actions at the border itself and the regulations planned by the Polish Government must extend the same level of assistance and protection to all those fleeing.


We launched the Ukraine Solidarity Fund that offers institutional support to social organisations that provide systematic and long-term assistance to people fleeing war in Ukraine. Grants can be awarded to organisations providing direct humanitarian, medical, legal, psychological, social assistance to people crossing the border, as well as those offering long-term support in Poland (including assistance in finding accommodation and employment, child care, adaptation to new conditions, etc.).


В Європі триває війна. 24 лютого 2022 року війська Російської Федерації заатакували Україну. Збройні Сили України дали рішучу відсіч агресору, завдаючи йому великих втрат. Українська держава та її інституції функціонують безперервно, політична влада на загальнодержавному та локальному рівні діє в рамках суспільного мандату. Водночас триває евакуація цивільного населення з теренів, безпосередньо охоплених воєнними діями. Тисячі людей вирушили у напрямку західних регіонів України, багато осіб вирішує перетнути кордон.


The contributions included in the present document on the rule of law in Poland, in 2021 are submitted by civil society
organisations to the European Commission within the framework of the targeted stakeholder consultation the European Commission launched in relation to its 2022 Annual Rule of Law Report. The document follows the structure and applies the headings of the European Commission’s stakeholder consultation survey.