About Your Vote, Your Choice
The program’s goal is to increase public interest in local affairs and to encourage civic participation in public life, including an informed and responsible participation in local and parliamentary elections. In order to achieve these goals we organize social and awareness raising campaigns. We work with the local organizations assisting them in undertaking activities that spur civic participation, foster dialogue between constituents and their representatives in local governments and integrate local communities around local problems solving. We carry out activities aimed to increase voter turnout and improve the quality of elections, as well as to ensure reliable, unbiased information about elections and candidates on public television.
  • Your Vote Your Choice action – activities aimed to stimulate citizens participation, build dialogue between residents and their local government representatives, and bring communities together to solve local problems
  • Public awareness campaigns – organization of nationwide public campaigns focusing on promoting voters turnout and checking how the local governments officials fulfill election promises
  • Better electoral law – advocacy efforts aimed to introduce changes in the electoral law that would make it easier for citizens to vote and would enable them to make conscious electoral choices
  • Monitoring of TV information programs – observation of TV information programs  during the electoral campaigns to assess time devoted to electoral campaign as well as the way of presentation of the candidates

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Anna Wawrzyniak
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Joanna Załuska, director
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