Public awareness campaigns
A nationwide civic campaigns are organized in coalition with other civic society actors and in cooperation with national, regional and local media which donate their advertising space or broadcasting time. In the election years the national social campaigns focus on voter turnout and encourage citizens to make informed and responsible choices of their representatives to all levels of government. The pro-turn out campaigns are conducted in a broad coalition with other organizations, ad agencies and media. Between elections, especially half way through the tenure of local governments, we encourage voters to take a closer look at how the elected officials are doing in terms of solving local problems and keeping their pre-election promises.

Since 2007, we have organised twelve campaigns: before the 2010, 2014 and 2018 local elections, before the 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 parliamentary elections, before the 2010 and 2015 presidential elections and before the 2009, 2014 and 2019 European Parliament elections.

2019: Make a Stand or Lose Your Say

The election turnout campaign we ran under the slogan Make a Stand or Lose your Say encouraged people to vote in the parliamentary elections to the Sejm and the Senate, which took place on 13 October 2019. Around 100 celebrity figures were actively involved in the campaign.

2019: Choose Better!

In the Better Choose! campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections on 26 May 2019, we stressed that it was important not only to cast your vote, but above all to bet on those candidates who, regardless of their party colours, have one thing in common: they support and care about European unity.

2018: We Are Different. We Are Poland

At the end of 2018, together with Kultura Niepodległa, we launched the We Are Different. We Are Poland social campaign, as part of which we formulated 100 questions to commemorate the centenary of national independence.

2018: Your Voice Has Power. Use it!

Before the elections on 21 October 2018, we ran a local government turnout campaign under the slogan Your Vote Has Power. Use it! in which we encouraged citizens to vote and demonstrated how many issues in our everyday lives depend on the decisions of local authorities.

2014: Vote and choose someone who thinks like you

Voter turnout campaign before EP elections in Poland and among Polish citizens in UK and Ireland.

2011: Women to the Polls!

The campaign before the parliamentary elections designed to encourage women to go to the polls. The campaign contributed to the reduction of turnout difference between men and women. According to TNS OBOP data it was 4.3 % to the disadvantage of women in 2005 and 6.8 % in 2007. In 2011, it decreased to 2.5 %, i.e. to a statistically insignificant level. [campaign website]

2010: Your Vote, Your Choice 

A pro-turnout campaign held before the local elections encouraging young community leaders to stand for local government offices (Future council members are right next to you. Do you know them? Convince them!) and encouraging voters to cast informed votes (Go and vote in an informed way!). The turnout was 47% (increase by 2 pp). In communities up to 20,000 in population the turnout exceeded 52% (44% in 2002). In addition, there was a 6.5 pp increase in the number of female candidates and a 3pp point increase in female candidate elected as council members.

2010: Wherever You Are, Vote! 

A voter turnout promotion and information campaign before the presidential election. The turnout increase by 4 pp, 10 times more authorizations to vote outside the place of residents were issued and 5 times more citizens were added to voter lists. [campaign website]

2009: The Bellybutton of Europe

A pro-turn out campaign encouraging young citizen to participate in European Parliament elections. The turnout increased by 4% against previous elections with 25% of respondents admitting they had been effectively encouraged to vote by the campaign. [campaign website]

2008: Check on Those You Vote for! 

The campaign organized half way through the tenure of local government aimed to encourage citizens to examine the achievements of the local governments and check how they managed in terms of solving local problems and upholding pre-election commitments.

2007: Change the Country. Vote!

A pro-turnout campaign organized before the parliamentary elections. It contributed to a 14% increase in turnout with 20% of voters saying they had been encouraged to vote by the campaign. [campaign website]


2006: Your Vote, Your Choice 

A pro-turnout campaign before the local elections carried out in 246 communities in Poland. Turnout increased by nearly 2 percentage points.