Local Government Workshop

The Batory Foundation’s Local Government Workshop is a project aimed at women and men in local government who want to introduce a model for the functioning of local government in their municipalities that is open to co-operation and dialogue with the local community.

In a series of training sessions, workshops, knowledge and good practices exchange sessions, the participants of the Studio, supported by experts, develop innovative solutions to contemporary challenges and needs of the local community.

The workshop is a continuation of a pilot project run by the Batory Foundation in co-operation with the POLITES Association from June 2019 to December 2020 called the Local Government Academy.

The participants in the Studio are local government officials at various levels: council members, mayors, and commune leaders who share a willingness to co-operate with residents and to look for innovative solutions to local problems.

The studio has a practical purpose: its role is to test, create and disseminate activities to improve local government performance based on dialogue and co-operation with residents. In the first year of this two-year project, participants receive technical assistance in the field of local government law. In the second year, they work on innovative solutions concerning participation and social services which they can apply in their municipalities.

The participants of the Workshop work together with the participants of the Your Vote, Your Choice action and the Local Government Expert Group.

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