Donor Advised Funds

Pracuj Group Scholarship Fund

The Fund was established in 2015 based on a donation made by the Pracuj Group.

The Fund is designed to provide scholarships to young people from economically disadvantaged communities once they qualify into the first year of regular courses at public universities in departments related to information technology and new technologies: in Cracow (Department of Electrotechnology, Automations, Information Technology and Bioengineering and Department of Information Technology, Electrics and Telecommunication at the University of Mining and Technology, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology at the Jagiellonian University), in Lublin (Department of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University), in Rzeszów (Department of Electrotechnology and Information Technology at the Rzeszów University of Technology), in Warsaw (Department of Mathematics, Information Technology and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw, Department of Electronics and Information Technologies and Department of Mathematics and Information Science at the Warsaw University of Technology).

In 2017, the Fund jury awarded 15 scholarships for the first year at university, over 10 months of the academic year, of PLN 630 per month worth a total of 94 500 PLN.