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Towards visa-free regime Ukraine and Georgia

Before the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga, the discussion about the possibility of granting visa-free regime with the EU to Georgia and Ukraine has intensified. Both Tbilisi and Kyiv are implementing required reforms. We have published policy brief - this time focusing on migration.
On Georgia [PDF 638 KB] On Ukraine [PDF 615]

Public Integrity

Corruption in Poland

We have published report Implementation of Selected Provisions of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Poland.

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Eastern Partnership Visa Liberalisation Index

The Eastern Partnership Visa Liberalisation Index has been updated with the new edition, covering period of November 2014-January 2015. Check new develpments at:

Citizens for Democracy

Bookmarks – manual on combating hate speech available in Polish!

The Polish edition of the manual has been developed and published and oficially launched on April 23, during the seminar „21 ways of combating hate speech” in Warsaw. The seminar was held by the Center for Education Development and the  Anti-discrimination Education Association.

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Georgia and Ukraine towards visa free regime

February edition of the progress made by Georgia and Ukraine on its path to visa-free regime with the European Union before the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga.