Rule of law in the EU beyond political divisions. Budgetary sanctions and a new programme for citizens

We present the analysys by Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. The EU needs new instruments for enforcing compliance with the law. This is why the European Parliament’s decisions in January 2019 to link payments from the EU budget to the rule of law in member states and establish a Rights and Values Programme (RVP) supporting grassroots democratic efforts are so important.

Boosting civil society in Poland

Civitates: consortium that we are a part of, has funded a projects of support for civil society organizations which have worked tirelessly in difficult conditions and keep democracy and public participation at the heart of society. One of those project is placed in Poland. Dorota Setniewska from the NGO Klon/Jawor Association, a leading partner in a new set up aimed at boosting the presence of civil society organizations in Poland, explains what has changed in recent years.


Under Siege. Why Polish courts matter for Europe

We present a report made in cooperation with the European Stability Initiative about the current state of Polish judiciary. By successfully bringing the law on the Supreme Court in 2018 to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Commission showed that the EU is not helpless when its foundations areundermined. It proved that there is a powerful instrument to protect the rule of law.