An Appeal from Central Europe

We publish an Appeal from Central Europe addressed to governments and public opinion in CEE region. In the appeal 100 politicians, artists, non-governmental activists, intellectuals and opinion makers from all new EU member states call upon
their governments and societies to demonstrate solidarity in the refugee crisis Eruope faces and help people fleeing from war and oppression. The letter has been published by leading journals and web portals in EU countries. The text of the appeal with the list of signatories: English version [PDF 233 KB], Polish version [PDF 234 KB], Czech version [PDF 234 KB], Estonian version [PDF 234 KB], French varsion [PDF 234 KB], Lithuanian version [PDF 234 KB],  Latvian version [PDF 234 KB], German version [PDF 234 KB], Slovak version [PDF 234 KB], Hungarian version [PDF 234 KB].

New edition of of the Visa-free Europe Coalition Newsletter

New number of Newsletter contains most recent information on visa facilitation and liberalisation processes between the EU and its eastern neighbours. To subscribe to the Newsletter, send e-mail to: [PDF 164 KB]

Polish NGOs working abroad state their opposition to the Polish government’s rejection of European Commission migrations quotas

The Batory Foundation together with its peers from a coalition of Polish NGOs working abroad [Grupa Zagranica] issued a statement [PDF 376 KB] expressing strong opposition to the stance that the Polish government has taken on the issue of rejecting the European Commission’s plan to introduce mandatory quotas for migrants to be taken in by EU member states under the relocation and resettlement programme.Grupa Zagranica have stated that all member states, including Poland have a moral and legal obligation to take action and assume responsibility to take in refugees from Syria, Eritrea, North African countries, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.

ECFR Warsaw

Europe and the refugees

We kindly invite you to the debate on the EU strategy toward the refugee crisis which will take place on the 23rd of September on the premises of Batory Foundation with the following guests: Mattia Toaldo (ECFR, London), Maciej Duszczyk (Centre on Migration Research, UW) and Kai-Olaf Lang (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin).

Open Europe

Recommendations for changes in the European Neighbourhood Policy

The Batory Foundation and the Warsaw office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation have prepared recommendations [PDF 245 KB] on the modification of the Eastern Partnership. They were written in the framework of public consultation announced by the European Commission on the revision of the European Neighbourhood Policy which lasted until June 30. The recommendations elaborated by Grzegorz Gromadzki (Batory Foundation) and Bastian Sendhardt (Friedrich Ebert Foundation) were discussed during the expert meeting on June 25 in Warsaw with participation of diplomats from embassies of Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Ukraine, the European Commission Representation in Poland and experts from New Eastern Europe and Polish Institute of International Affairs.