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Polish Foreign Policy Monitoring

We present the first of a series of reports devoted to monitoring the Polish foreign policy. It explores the underlying ideology of the Law and Justice's foreign policy, mainly in the European context. more [PDF 163 KB]

Citizens for Democracy

Scoop: Refugees. - the contest

Together with an Institute of Reportage Foundation (Fundacja Instytut Reportażu), we have pleasure to invite journalists to the contest Scoop: Refugees. Awarded would be the best articles, TV and radio broadcasts, that were published in 2016, also on the internet.We want to award materials that answer on important questions like: Who the refugees are? Where do they come from and why? What did they experience in their homeland? What do they experience during their escape? How do we welcome them? Details of the contest are available at (materials in Polish).

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EU Visa Code reform: Necessary but not easy

We've published a policy brief on a proposal made by the European Commission to liberalise European visa procedures in order to boost economic growth of the Schengen area. [PDF 216 KB]

Citizens for Democracy

Refugees and Migrants Forum – Conference materials

Presentations that were presented during the NGO Forum. Refugees and Migrants are available on web site. Thank you, for your presence and two wonderful days.