About us


1,5% Personal Income Tax Donations:

PLN 2 316 214,32 from 1,5% tax payments for 2022 including PLN 13 145,60 for Donor Advised Fund

Institutional Donors:

EUR 30 million from the EEA Funds and EUR 3.2 million from the Norwegian Funds for 2019-2024 for the Active Citizens National Fund

USD 720 thousand for 2021-2022 for statutory activities


USD 400 thousand from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office and the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the USA for grants for civil society organizations running collective accommodation centers in Lower Silesian, Lesser Poland, Subcarpathian, and Silesian voivodeships for 2023-2024

EUR 369,364 from the European Commission through Transparency International for the Integrity Pacts project for 2016-2022

Foundation of Literary Notebooks, Warsaw

PLN 146,000 for cataloguing the archives of the Literary Notebooks for 2021-2024

PLN 90,276 for the Janina and Jan Putka “Spread Your Wings” Fund

PLN 70,000 for Pracuj Group Scholarship Fund for the year 2022

Individual Donors

A package of 14,000 shares of AGORA S.A. donated in 2001 to establish Małgorzata Szejnert Fund

USD 80 000 from Jadwiga Chruściel for Wanda and Jadwiga Chruściel Fund

PLN 143 097 for Janina and Jan Putka “Spread Your Wings” Fund for 2022

PLN 49,428 for Staszek Jonczyk “Sing” Fund for 2022

PLN 150,000 for Janina and Tomasz Maczuga Fund

PLN 150,000 for Joanna and Stanisław Renowicki Fund for 2021-23

PLN 36,250 for Olga Kersten-Matwin Fund in 2021

PLN 35,743 for Iwona Winiarska-Feleszko Fund in 2022


PLN 25,000 from Tamara and Leszek Kołakowski for statutory activities

PLN 99,391 bequeathed in 2003 by Beata Pawlak for Beata Pawlak Fund