Programs completed

Rainbow Academy

The program was funded from donations provided by Agora Foundation and from Małgorzata Szejnert Fund

Under the Rainbow Academy program we assist organizations that run integration, educational and art therapy programs to prevent social exclusion of disabled children and youth from poor communities and neglected areas.

Grants are offered for projects that involve artistic and creative activity in education and therapy of handicapped children and contribute to the integration of the disabled children and youth with their peers and the local community. We are particularly interested in projects that are part of long-term efforts, involve cooperation with the local community and rely on the engagement of volunteers and the families of disabled children.

Since 2008 we support organizations that use the drama techniques in their work with handicapped children. Apart from grants we offer out grantees substantive support in the form of workshops and consultation on the use of artistic and creative techniques in therapy and education of the disabled children developed and conducted by Grodzki Theatre Artistic Association from Bielsko-Biała.

In 2010 we made 22 grants of the total value of 173 000 PLN designed to reinforce the method of drama therapy in organizations supported in two previous grant competitions. The grants allowed organizations to develop different therapeutic activities involving about 340 disabled youth and 200 of their healthy peers.

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