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  • Turning Presence into Power: Lessons from the Eastern Neighbourhood. Comments.  Polish experts (Andrzej Brzeziecki, Bartłosz Cichocki, Andrzej Szeptycki and Marcin Wojciechowski) reflect on claims formulated in Turning Presence into Power – the report on European Union’s policy towards its eastern neighbours, issued by European Council for Foreign Relations and authored by Nicu Popescu and Andrew Wilson. ECFR experts believe that the EU does not have significant influence on politics in the region. In their view, it has not achieved most of its aims regarding security and democracy, nor has it prevented the intensification of negative tendencies in the area. Hence, it should change its policy. Polish commentators challenge some of Popescu’s and Wilson’s diagnoses, and especially take issue with their suggestions regarding EU’s future policy towards its eastern neighbours. [PDF 203 KB].
  • Europe Divided. Then and Now (December 2009) - publication consists of two, alternating but complementary parts: THEN and NOW. Both of then show problems of Europeans with travelling in different time and regions of the continent. Through the interviews with 15 people from the Visgerad countries we show what it was like for people from those states to travel to Western Europe before 1989 or just after, and what the significance of those travels was at that time. We also present portraits of a few EU visa applicants met at the EU consulates in 2008. The publication was co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund. [PDF 2,5 MB]
  • What to do with visas for the Eastern Europeans? Recommendations from the perspective of Visegrad countries (June 2009) - recommendations for visa policies of the Visegrad countries were developed in the course of cooperation of 4 institutions: Association for International Affairs (Czech Republic), Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Stefan Batory Foundation and Hungarian Europe Society. [PDF 659 KB]
  • Relative openness. Polish visa policy towards Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (May 2009) - presentation of the major trends in Polish visa policy during the past few years, followed by the analisis of data concerning the number of visas issued before and after Poland joined the Schengen zone. [PDF 555 KB]
Two publications above were published in the framework of Visa Policy Towards Eastern Neighbors. Recommendations from the perspective of Visegrad Countries project, co-finaced by the Visegrad Fund.
  • Changes in Visa Policies of the EU Member States. New Monitoring Report (May 2009) - Report presenting the results of a monitoring survey carried out in 2008 with regard to visa policies of selected EU Member States as applied to the nationals of Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (the monitoring was based on the same methodology as the one conducted by the Batory Foundation in 2005) [PDF 204 KB]
  • Gateways to Europe – a friendly border? (January 2009) - Analisis developing the conclusions and recommendations enclosed in the „Gateways to Europe. Checkpoints on the EU External Land Border” report (2008) [PDF 219 KB]
  • Helping foreigners, Aleksandra Chrzanowska, Grzegorz Wilga, Wojciech Wciseł, Michał Pachocki (November 2008) - The brief presents experience of Polish third sector organisations dealing with migrants and refugees. The publication was prepared in the framework of the Ukraine on the Way to the EU project, in assistance of the Legal Intervention Association (Warsaw) and the Regional Volunteer Service Center in Lublin. The publication is available in Ukrainian. [PDF 1,07 MB]

    The Project was co-financed in 2008 by Polish Aid programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The publication presents exclusively the views of the authors and cannot be identified with the official position of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Five theses on European Neighbourhood Policy (September 2008) - the policy brief describes and provides an estimate of the activities held within the frames of the European Neighborhood Policy towards the EU partner states [PDF 102]
  • What can be changed regarding visas? Visa policy upon Poland’s accession to the Schengen Zone (June 2008). Analysis of the impact which last changes had on the situation of Eastern neighbors of Poland as well as necessary actions concerning Polish visa policy [PDF 157 KB]
  • Gateways to Europe. Checkpoints on the EU External Land Border (2008). The report presents the results of a monitoring project of external EU land border crossing points, carried out in 2007 in Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania [PDF 1661 KB]

Policy Papers "On the Future of Europe"

  • European Union Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy. Proceedings of the conference held by the Stefan Batory Foundation in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland on 20-21 February 2003 in Warsaw [PDF 506 KB]
  • Poland in the World: Challenges, Achievements, Threats. Discussion on Polish foreign policy with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz. [PDF 233 KB] (June 30, 2003)
  • Policy Paper 8: 
    Between Need and Dependency. Russian Gas in the Energy Balance of the Enlarged EU. [PDF 162kB] (December, 2002)
  • Policy Paper 7: 
    An Overview of European (In)Security [PDF 176kB] (June, 2002)
  • Policy Paper 6: 
    New Neighbourhood - New Association. Ukraine and the European Union at the begining of the 21st century [PDF 169kB] (March, 2002)
  • Policy Paper 5: 
    The Common Challenge - Members and Candidates Facing the EU Future Migration Policy [PDF 334kB] (December, 2001)
  • Policy Paper 4: 
    The Forgotten Neighbour - Belarus in the Context of EU Eastern Enlargement [PDF 285kB] (September, 2001)
  • Policy Paper 3: 
    Pro-European Atlantists. Poland and Other Countries of Central and Eastern Europe after Accession to the European Union[PDF 140kB] (June, 2001)
  • Policy Paper 2: 
    The Half-Open Door: the Eastern Border of the Enlarged European Union [PDF 122kB] (March, 2001)
  • Policy Paper 1: 
    Overcoming Alienation: Kaliningrad as a Russian Enclave Inside the European Union [PDF 309kB] (January, 2001)

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