Donor Advised Funds

Apart from running its own grant programs, the Foundation administers endowed and time-limited funds entrusted by corporate or private donors.
In the case of an endowed fund, the Foundation invests fund’s capital and uses the earnings from the investment to support charitable objectives agreed with the donor. Time-limited funds are created for a time periods agreed to with the Foundation, with contributions from family members and friends, and – in case of Polish taxpayers – by 1% tax personal income tax designations.
Through the donor advised funds a donor can support a chosen program of the Foundation, projects geared to a specific local community (in the case of a company, e.g. in the locality where it operates, in the case of a private donor – in a region of Poland to which he/she feels connected) or to a selected group of recipients (children, youth, women, seniors, disabled persons). The donor can also specify goals (e.g. to fund an award or scholarship for young people).
Funds currently administered:
  • Małgorzata Szejnert Fund – grants for projects aimed to equalize opportunities of handicapped or underprivileged children and youth funded by the revenues from the assets donated by an individual donor.
  • Beata Pawlak Fund– annual award for an author of an article or publication on foreign cultures, religions and civilizations funded from a donation bequeathed by the deceased Beata Pawlak, Polish journalist and writer.
  • Iwona Winiarska-Feleszko Fund – scholarships for 1st year students from low-income families and small communities who enroll at Warsaw-based state universities funded from donations and 1% personal income tax designations by the family and friends of a deceased lawyer, Iwona Winiarska-Feleszko.
  • Gavell Family Fund – grants for organizations running scholarship programs for underprivileged youth in Swietokrzyskie Province funded from annual donations from Quo Vadis Gavell Family Foundation form the US.
  • J. & J. Putka “Spread Your Wings” Fund – scholarships for young people from low-income families who enroll at state institutions of higher learning funded from donations and 1% personal income tax designations by Putka family.
  • Janina and Tomasz Maczuga Fund – scholarships to support low-income youth from Wadowice and Nowy Sącz. 
  • Staszek Jonczyk “Sing” Fund – grants to support the amateur choirs movement funded by donations and 1% personal income tax designations from family and friends of deceased Staszek Jonczyk.
  • Wanda and Jadwiga Chruściel Fund – scholarships to support low-income students and graduates of Antoni Chruściel “Monter” Primary and Middle School in donors’ family village of Gniewczyna Łańcucka.
  • Pracuj Group Scholarship Fund – scholarships to young people from economically disadvantaged communities once they qualify into the first year of regular courses at public universities in departments related to information technology and new technologies in Cracow,  Lublin, Rzeszów and Warsaw from donation made by the Pracuj Group.