Voices of Ukraine #3: Ukraine after the war

Translation of the third debate in the “The Voices of Ukraine” series. When following the news on Russian aggression in Ukraine, we have no doubt that this is where the future is now being made, and that it will largely depend on the men and women of Ukraine. That is why we invite Ukrainian experts, publicists and journalists, as well as people of culture, to talk to us. The main topic of the third discussion in the series were the plans for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Is it at all worthwhile to devote intellectual resources in planning the future when all resources are needed on the front? On what certain resources can Ukraine base its post-war plans now, when hostilities are still ongoing, increasing the scale of destruction every day? What is the significance of the enormous outflow of people who have fled Ukraine? What historical analogies should the Ukrainian reconstruction be inspired by – the Marshall Plan, the reunification of Germany after 1989, the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan? The discussion took place on April 20, 2022 with the participation of Andriy Dlihach, Hennadiy Maksak, Maria Repko, Yaroslav Zhalilo and Edwin Bendyk as the interviewer.