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Position of the Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group on the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court adopted on 21 November 2018


The Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group welcomes the direction of the normative changes resulting from the law of 21 November 2018 on amending the law on the Supreme Court (the Amendment Act). Efforts by civil society organisations, common courts, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and EU bodies to protect the rule of law in Poland are starting to bear fruit.

A time to stand to stand together #IstandwithCEU


After recent push of CEU from Hungary and continuous hateful attacks on its founder, 50 philanthropic leaders condemn the violence directed to civil society activists and declare to stand side by side ready to defend civil society peers. "Civil society is an essential pillar of democracy. Without it, our democracy is diminished. We are proud to support it. We stand ready to defend it" - say representatives in the statement. 


More ambitious "Rights and Values Programme"?


To be an effective instrument for promoting European values, the "Rights and Values Programme" should have a broader scope and be open for civil society organizations working at the local, national and transnational level. Prof. Laurent Pech (Middlesex University London) confirms in a legal opinion written for the Stefan Batory Foundation that these goals are compatible with European law in general and the legal basis proposed by the European Commission in particular.

Beata Pawlak Fund

Award winner in the Beata Pawlak Fund


Ewa Wanat is this year award winner in the Beata Pawlak Fund for the book "Deutsche nasz. Reportaże berlińskie", An award is presented annually to the author(s) of books or series of articles dealing with other cultures, religions and civilizations, published in Poland.


European Civil Society Organisations call for a more ambitious Rights and Values Programme


The "Rights and Values Programme", currently negotiated by EU institutions, could become an effective measure to promote European values. However, in its current form it would have a very limited impact. Therefore a group of 154 Civil Society Organizations from 19 EU Member States calls on EU decision-makers to make the "Rights and Values Programme" more ambitious by increasing its budget, broadening the scope and simplifying accessibilty to funds.


Position of the Stefan Batory Foundation’s Legal Expert Group on the procedure for selecting Supreme Court judges


The Stefan Batory Foundation’s Legal Expert Group highlights that the selection procedure for Supreme Court (SN) judges currently underway is invalid because the Polish President’s notice of 24 May 2018 on judges’ vacancies at the SN initiating it was not signed (countersigned) by the Prime Minister.


Reset and continuation. The PiS government’s policy towards Belarus


Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) government’s policy of normalisation with Belarus has brought tangible effects. Economic exchange has grown and progress has been achieved in the field of memory policy and education of pupils from the Polish minority. However, Warsaw’s focus on economy along with silencing narrative on democratisation raise concerns among Belarusian opposition. “The normalisation of relations with Belarus should not mean that basic values are forgotten” – claims Krzysztof Mrozek in the policy paper by ideaForum of the Batory Foundation.


Functioning of the Constitutional Tribunal 2014-2017


We present an introduction to the report of the Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group “Functioning of the Constitutional Tribunal 2014-2017”. The report was prepared with regard to breach of the rule of law in Poland.


Devastation of Poland's Supreme Court


We present an urgent update on the ongoing devastation of the Polish Supreme Court. After the European Commission launched an infringement procedure against the unconstitutional Law on the Supreme Court, Polish authorities have not only refused to take back the law but went ahead with removing judges from their posts. Moreover, a drastic new law, passed on 20 July in unprecedented hurry, will allow the government to pack the Supreme Court and replace its chief justice as soon as possible, with very limited (if any) assessment of a given judge’s stature. The analysis, written by legal experts from the #FreeCourts initiative, outlines the status quo and calls on the Commission to urgently launch interim measures.

Regulation on the Rights and Values programme


On 30 May 2018 the European Commission published a draft proposal for a Regulation on the “Rights and Values Programme” as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2021-2027. We present our opinion on the proposal. Without major changes the instrument will fall short of reaching this goal. Dramatic challenges to European values require a new approach to value-promotion.

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