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The debate - America’s Choice, Europe’s Predicament


Warsaw Office of ECFR has a pleasure of inviting you to the public debate: “America’s Choice, Europe’s Predicament: the EU and U.S. in the world after the Obama era”, to be held on 16th September on the premises of Batory Foundation. Speakers include: Jeremy Shapiro (ECFR’s Research Director), Sylke Tempel (Editor-in-Chief, Internationale Politik) and Marcin Zaborowski (Executive Vice-President, Center for European Policy Analysis).


Public Integrity

Comments on documnet of European Committee on Democracy and Governance


In response to the invitation of the Secretariat of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance and the Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations to participate in the consultations on the document called “Public consultation-Draft Guidelines on Civil Participation in Political Decision-Making” - members of the Civic  Legislative Forum prepared the comments. [PDF 148 KB]

Open letter by the Polish NGOs to Pope Francis on counteracting hate speech


40 Polish NGOs ask Pope Francis to consider addressing the problem of hate speech during the World Youth Day. Hate speech is currently one of the most challenging issues regarding the protection of human rights, in both offline and online environments, and in particular concerns young people, who are both authors of hateful comments and their primary recipients.

Public Integrity

Statement on the draft Constitutional Tribunal Law


The Legal Expert Group at the Stefan Batory Foundation presents its opinion on the draft Constitutional Tribunal Law adopted on July 7th by the Sejm majority. According to the experts the bill further aggravates the constitutional crisis by pushing for evidently unconstitutional arrangements. It repeats the same provisions that the Constitutional Court and the Venice Commission found to be blatantly in violation of the principle of independence of constitutional court from other branches of government. More [PDF 234 KB]

Open Europe

Polish Foreign Policy Monitoring


We present the first of a series of reports devoted to monitoring the Polish foreign policy. It explores the underlying ideology of the Law and Justice's foreign policy, mainly in the European context. more [PDF 163 KB]

Open Europe

EU Visa Code reform: Necessary but not easy


We've published a policy brief on a proposal made by the European Commission to liberalise European visa procedures in order to boost economic growth of the Schengen area. [PDF 216 KB]

Citizens for Democracy

Scoop: Refugees. - the contest


Together with an Institute of Reportage Foundation (Fundacja Instytut Reportażu), we have pleasure to invite journalists to the contest Scoop: Refugees. Awarded would be the best articles, TV and radio broadcasts, that were published in 2016, also on the internet.We want to award materials that answer on important questions like: Who the refugees are? Where do they come from and why? What did they experience in their homeland? What do they experience during their escape? How do we welcome them? Details of the contest are available at (materials in Polish).

Citizens for Democracy

Refugees and Migrants Forum – Conference materials


Presentations that were presented during the NGO Forum. Refugees and Migrants are available on web site. Thank you, for your presence and two wonderful days.

Citizens for Democracy

Join us on the Platform on the Equality Parade


We have a great pleasure to invite non governmental organizations to take part in the Equality Parade on June 11. Let’s create together an NGO Platform! Join us! Equal rights – a common cause!
You can apply till noon, May 16.

ECFR Warsaw

Refugee crisis: Options for the EU


We have the pleasure of inviting you on March 10th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm to the public debate on the refugee crisis with international experts: Angeliki Dimitriadi – Visiting Fellow, ECFR, Maciej Duszczyk – Expert on migration policy, Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, David Kipp – Associate, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Anna-Carin Öst - Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Republic of Poland.

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