“Poles to Belarusian” – a unique music video in a gesture of solidarity with Belarusian society

On October 2nd Stefan Batory Fundation and the Association for Marketing Communication in a gesture of solidarity with Belarusian society demonstrating against fraudulent elections issued a music video the “Poles to Belarusians” which features Belarusian singer-songwriter Nasta Niakrasava performing Jacek Kaczmarski’s “Mury” (Walls) to the accompanying guitar of Polish musician and songwriter Jacek Kleyff.


Legendary song “L’Estaca” composed and performed by Catalonian singer and activist Lluis Llach was popularized in Poland in the 1980’s by Polish singer and composer Jacek Kaczmarski under the title “Walls”. Translated into Belarusian by Andrej Chadanowicz, it recently became the anthem of the opposition ahead of the presidential elections which took place in Belarus on August 9th.

On August 31st, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the birth of Solidarity movement in Poland the Belarusian vocalist and cultural researcher Nasta Niakrasava and the legendary Polish musician Jacek Kleyff performed “Walls” at the rally organized in solidarity with Belarusian protesters in front of the Gdansk Shipyard by the city of Gdańsk, the European Solidarity Center, the Society of Belarusians of Tri-City and Amnesty International Poland. Footage of the rally was included in “Poles to Belarusians” video, a project initiated, produced and finances by the Stefan Batory Foundation and the Association for Marketing Communication with additional funding provided by the Three Horns Foundation.

The world watches closely as the Belarusian people fight for freedom and democracy. Those Belarusians protesting against  fraudulent presidential elections in the streets and in their workplace are in dire need of the support and solidarity of the international community. We hope that this legendary song, popularised in Poland by Jacek Kaczmarski, which meant so much to Poles fighting for freedom and democracy in the 80’s, will once again be heard throughout Europe and will lift the spirits of the Belarusian people as it once lifted the spirits of Poles in the Solidarity movement – says Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, director of the Stefan Batory Foundation.


The video has been released in two versions: English and Belarusian.

English version

Belarusian version

The project will be sent to Belarusian and Polish pro-democracy organisations as well as the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council and the UN. Our goal is to reach anyone and everyone who shares the values and ideals that the Belarusian people are fighting to preserve. May all of Europe share in their struggle
– says Paweł Tyszkiewicz, managing director of the Association for Marketing Communication.

Music video produced by Papaya Films.

Media and public relations by Publicis Consultants (a subsidiary of Publicis Group Poland) and Performics.
Copywriting by Jan Mirosław from DDB Warsaw.
Graphic design by Piotr Wojnarowski.