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Monitoring of TV information programs

Observation of TV information programs  during the electoral campaigns to assess time devoted to electoral campaign as well as the way of presentation of the candidates.

Television news programs play a special role in informing the public decision-making during elections. It is particularly important that public television provides accurate and impartial coverage of the election and political candidates. Therefore, we monitor the main information programs of public and commercial TV news programs aired by public TV and private broadcasters during elections to check how they fulfill the task of informing citizens about the elections and the candidates running for public office. As part of the monitoring, we track the time allocated by news shows to the election campaign, party committees, individual candidates and evaluate the context of coverage (neutral, negative or positive). We also look at the relationships between the time and way of presenting candidates. We analyze also the categories of themes and main topics exploited during the election campaign as well as study the means of non-verbal communication used for conveying information.

During the monitoring process we issue weekly reports on our findings, and after the elections we publish final report summarizing the results of the observations.

The monitoring is based on the methodology modeled on the National Democracy Institute’s guide Media Monitoring to Promote Democratic Elections. The reports from the monitoring are available in Polish on our website.

Monitoring of the 2019 European Parliament election campaign in the main news programme of Polish public TV [PDF 1,1 MB]
Monitoring of elections television news in Poland 2006-2011 –  Report [PDF 831 KB]