Medical Task Force

According to our surveys (the 2001 Corruption Barometer) physicians are the most corrupt professional group in Poland. The publication of a report on that and the media coverage of crime in healthcare have broken the conspiracy of silence around bribery in the medical community and have helped put the matter on the agenda of conferences and discussion sessions organized by medical associations.

In 2001 Medical Task Force was formed at the Foundation with an aim to defend high ethical standards of the profession and fight corruption in public health care. The Group undertakes initiatives that might contribute to eradication of bribes in health care. It develops and presents to the public opinion and health ministry projects designed to eradicate malpractice and improve access to medical services, such as a project of regulations concerning creation of publicly available waiting lists for the rationed medical services, or a checklist that enables to evaluate legislative changes in health care laws with respect to corruption threats. It initiates public discussions on subjects important for the medical community such as systems of managing health service or developing objective criteria for the fair evaluation of the candidates for managerial posts, especially the ward heads in clinics and hospitals. The Group opines also the legal acts developed by the Health Ministry: the Act of health care services financed by public money or Act on the Office of Registry of Drugs and Medical Products (a counterpart of Food&Drug Administration).

Members of the Medical Task Force

Anna Arwaniti-Sierańska (journalist), dr Marek Balicki (on leave), dr Wiktor Górecki, dr Janusz Halik, Zbigniew Jadczak (National Health Fund), Ewelina Janota, dr Piotr Kasztelowicz, dr Adam Kozierkiewicz, Olga Krzyżanowska, dr Marek Kulerski, dr Grzegorz Luboiński, Maryla Nowicka (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights), dr Jarosław Pinkas (on leave due to nomination to the public position), dr Wojciech Puzyna, Elżbieta Radziszewska (Civic Platform), Jacek Wojciechowicz (World Bank).

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