Law in Public Interest

In a grant competition we support lawyers' NGOs which conduct or intend to conduct systematic activities aimed to increase access to legal aid and justice, curtail discriminatory regulations and practices in Polish legislation, and increase transparency and efficiency of the justice system.

We offer grants to organizations which statutory goals included any of the above goals, which have attorneys as their members or employ or work on an ongoing basis with law school graduates.

Grants may be obtained for activities concerning direct legal aid for citizens as well as for activities advocating systemic changes in the Polish system of legal aid and functioning of the justice system, such as:
  • professional (provided by lawyers) legal aid for citizens, including assistance with various legal procedures and handling strategic litigation in cases important to citizens and of a precedential nature. In particular, we are interested in the legal aid and strategic litigation focusing on cases of discrimination;
  • developing and promoting good practices that improve functioning of judicial system (analysis, development, presentation and implementation of proposed changes), developing and disseminating proposed legal amendments concerning the justice system as well as the legal aid systems (e.g. expert analyses, legislative and organizational propositions);
  • projects which analyze new legal institutions or new organizational solutions concerning access to justice and justice system functioning; we want to subject the introduced reforms to a competent and independent analysis from the public interest point of view.
In 2009 we provided grants To 5 organisations out of 114 which applied for financing their projects. The total amount of grants delivered in 2009 was PLN 247 175.  

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