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Community Initiatives Partnership

Tripatrite cooperation program addressed to non-governmental organizations from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Kaliningrad District run and cofunded with Robert Bosch Foundation. Our partner in Ukraine is PAUCI Foundation from Kyiv.

Along with Poland's accession to the European Union, Ukraine, Belarus and Kaliningrad District became immediate neighbors of European Union. Each of these countries is different, however, the development of independent non-governmental sector is an essential element of building civil society for each one of them. NGOs play also a key role in building individual, interpersonal transborder relations. Joint initiatives of NGOs from neighboring countries help to increase mutual understanding, share experience and undertake cross-border activities. By offering organizations the opportunity to carry out joint projects, the Foundation would like to strengthen solidarity between Poland, Germany and the eastern neighbors of EU, assist in developing good neighboring relations and facilitate initiatives to resolve problems faced by the countries of this region.
The program aims to:
  • support citizens engagement in local and regional community initiatives in Ukraine, Belarus and Kaliningrad District
  • integrate these initiatives into transboundary Polish-German cooperation networks and /or expand the cooperation of Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian to include German partners
  • enhance interest in mutual cooperation and develop long-term partnerships
Grants are made for trilateral projects carried out by NGOs from Poland, Germany and Ukraine, Belarus or the Kaliningrad District registered within their respective countries. The projects submitted for funding may concern various aspects of social life provided they correspond to specific needs of a given local community or target group from Belarus, Kaliningrad District or Ukraine and have clearly delineated goals and specifically formulated results. Furthermore, the projects should contribute to the establishment of long-term tripartite partnerships among participant organizations.

In 2009 we provided grants for total amount of EUR 185 360 to 12 Polish and 2 Ukrainian organisations running projects of trilateral cooperation.
Grants are made in two-stage competition:
  • May 29 – submission of letters of intent to Batory Foundation (for Polish and German coordinating organizations) or to PAUCI (for Ukrainian coordinating organizations)
  • July 3 – selection of letters of intent and invitation of project partners to a meeting
  • September 13-16 – meeting of partnership organizations from Ukraine, Poland and Germany
  • September 21-23 – meeting of partnership organizations from Belarus, Kaliningrad Oblast, Poland and Germany
  • November 13 – submission of full proposals
  • December 18 – decision on grants
  • February-December 2010 – implementation of projects
  • till March 1, 2010 – submission of reports on projects implementation

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