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Civic Coalitions

Program initiated and co-funded by the Stefan Batory Foundation and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.
The program aims at strengthening NGOs coalitions in Visegrad countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) that undertake efforts to articulate civil society interests on the basis of broad citizen involvement and to influence public policy for the common good.

Voicing an opinion and articulating an interest is a prerequisite of participatory democracy. The voice of civil society adds an essential layer of checks and balances into the democratic system, and helps to ensure that different views are heard. NGOs – as groups of citizens - are good vehicle for influencing public policy. Their power may grow through forming coalitions which may represent an array of civil society interests and bring together like-minded organizations to build a power base that works to influence social change of a mutual concern. A well-organized, broad based coalition can be successful in advocating for policy change, increasing public knowledge, creating a network and developing innovative solutions to complex problems.

By a coalition we understand a group of organizations united around a common issue and clear goal(s) and working together to advance specific common objectives using the power of joint action. Coalitions may operate in the form of alliances, associations, federations, networks, platforms, umbrella organizations, unions of associations, working groups and the like.

We aim our grants as the means to enhance the resources and organizational capacity of the coalitions, increase professionalism and legitimacy of their operations, build their credibility within the third sector and vis a vis public institutions, and help them make civil society voice heard in the public sphere. We hope our grants will contribute to the promotion of organizational culture in the coalitions based on the principles of partnership, accountability and shared responsibility among stakeholders and will stimulate joint advocacy efforts at national and also at the European level.

In order to secure equal chance policy for applicants from all Visegrad countries, English is a working language of the program.

We stop accepting the applications for activities.

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