Programs completed

Public Integrity continuation of the Against Corruption program. The goal of the program was to increase transparency and integrity in public life and to promote open, accountable governance.

Open Europe – supported initiatives promoting an active and firendly Polish and European Union policy towards our Eastern neighbors.

Civic Coalitions grants for strengthening NGOs coalitions in Visegrad countries that undertake efforts to articulate civil society interests.

Rainbow Academy – grants for organizations that run integration, educational and art therapy programs to prevent social exclusion of handicapped children.

Legal Education supported initiatives that increase citizens’ access to legal assistance and justice.

Community Initiatives Partnership supported trilateral cooperation projects implemented by NGOs from Poland and Germany and from Ukraine, Belarus and the Kaliningrad District.

Memoria  supported initiatives aimed to mobilize volunteers from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Germany to work together to preserve common cultural heritage in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Citizens in Action supported non-governmental organizations in Belarus and Ukraine engaged in building and developing civil society in those countries.

Legal counseling

Medical Task Force

Monitoring local election campaign finances

Electoral campaign financing

Projects completed

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