Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, director
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 53
Ryszard Łuczyn
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 33
Antonina Michałowska
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 54
Krzysztof Mrozek
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 08

Open Europe

The goal of the Open Europe Program is to promote an active, coherent and friendly Polish and European Union policy towards our Eastern neighbors and to support democratic processes and pro-European trends in Eastern Europe. We work to bring the Eastern Partnership societies closer to the European Union, to increase the effectiveness of EU and Polish development aid, and to accelerate the process of liberalization of the visa regime.

We work in cooperation with organizations and institutions from the EU member states and the countries of Eastern Europe [Partners].  We also participate in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum at the European Commission and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.
  • The Poland-Ukraine Forum: discussions between Polish and Ukrainian politicians and experts on topics of interest for Ukraine, Poland and Europe.
  • PL-RU Club: meetings of young journalists, researchers and activists from Poland and Russia who attempt to examine and analyse certain aspects of internal policy and international relations.
  • Eastern debate forum: discussions, conferences and meetings devoted to the situation in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia and the prospects of their development, and to  Polish and EU Eastern policy.
  • Polish Foreign Policy Monitoring: analysis of changes influencing Polish foreign policy, realised by the government and the President.

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