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Open Europe

Diplomacy falls  not only in the domain of governments but of citizens as well. Citizens can be the co-architects of the relations with other nations. In an era of growing isolationism and nationalism in Europe and in Poland citizens ought to actively engage in building international relations based on mutual respect and understanding.

The Open Europe programme of the Batory Foundations seeks to:

  • Overcome negative stereotypes between Poland and its neighbours, mainly Russians and Ukrainians;
  • Initiate debates about Poland's strategic interests on the international arena and best ways to pursue them;
  • Present opinions of independent Polish experts on issues that are critical for our country on  the EU forum;
  • Promote the understanding of Poland's international links and their importance for our prosperity and security.

In 2017 we carry out the following projects:

  • The Poland-Ukraine Forum - debates between Polish and Ukrainian politicians, civil society activists and experts on  topics important for Ukraine, Poland and Europe.
  • PL-RU Club - meetings of journalists, researchers and young civic activists from Poland and Russia to discuss contemporary issues in domestic and international politics.
  • Talks with the Neighbours- meetings with experts, politicians, columnists from countries of the Eastern neighbourhood to address sensitive topics that are crucial for  our mutual understanding.
  • Analytical Reports: Poland in an Open Europe - Analytical reviews of Poland’s international position   presenting the Polish perspective on European issues, including recommended actions.

In our activities we cooperate with organizations and institutions from Poland,  EU countries  and  Eastern Europe.  We participate in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. We are also members of  Grupa Zagranica,a platform of Polish NGOs involved in international development cooperation, democracy support, humanitarian aid and global education.

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