• State of the rule of law in Poland. Challenges for the European Union’s institutions in the new term of office (2019) [PDF]
  • Rule of law in the EU beyond political divisions. Budgetary sanctions and a new programme for citizens (2019) [PDF]
  • Under Siege. Why Polish courts matter for Europe and the case of infrigement proceedings (2019) [PDF]
  • Position of the Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group on the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court adopted on 21 November 2018 (2018) [PDF]
  • Functioning of the Constitutional Tribunal 2014-2017, Report of the Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group – Introduction (2018) [PDF 268KB]
  • Devastation of Poland’s Supreme Court  and judicial independence: the situation now (2018) [PDF 113KB]
  • The Polish Law on the Supreme Court in light of rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union (2018) [PDF 73KB]
  • Report of  the Stefan Batory Foundation Legal Expert Group on the impact of the judiciary reform in Poland in 2015-2018 (2018) [PDF 334KB]
  • Implementation of Selected Provisions of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Poland, Report (2015) [PDF 628 KB]
  • The conflict of interest in the Polish government administration. Legal regulations, practice, attitudes of public officers. (2014) [PDF 301KB]
  • Waiting for Open Government, Polish Open Government Coalition. Conclusions and recommendations (2014), [PDF 257KB]
  • Anti-corruption Policy. Summitive evaluation of anti-corruption policy apllied by consecutive Polish governments in 2001-2011, (2012) (Summary) [PDF 103,58KB]
  • Providing an Alternative to Silence: Towards Greater Protection and Support for Whistleblowers in the EU. Country Report: Poland. (2012) [PDF 204KB]
  • How to fight corruption. Principles for developing and implementing an anti-corruption strategy for Poland. (2010) [PDF 419KB]

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