Grzegorz Makowski
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 07

Personal Unions in Local Government

Members of local councils often perform other public roles and functions (in public administrations, public and private business and in non-governmental organizations). Such a multitude of different roles may affect the quality of local democracy and create conflict of interest.

The objective of the project scheduled for 2013 and 2014 is to diagnose the scale and character of personal links at the local level and whether and how they affect the quality and integrity of public life. By using public domain sources (asset declarations, National Court Register and National Election Commission) we conduct a quantitative and qualitative study of ‘personal unions’ in local government. We will examine a representative sample of local governments with respect to asset disclosures (declarations) mandatorily filed by local officials and their various roles and functions. This examination will be supplemented by in-depth case studies in selected local governments.

The results of the study will be published in a report which will characterize and assess existing links among local legislators and offer recommendations for improvements in the quality of public life and conflict of interest prevention. We hope the report and the ensuing discussion will raise the level of public interest in local elections in 2014 and contribute to more informed participation.

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