Grzegorz Makowski
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 07

Civic Observatory

We closely monitor initiatives and events important that can have impact on the integrity of public life. We scrutinize the websites of key centers of decision-making (e.g. parliament, government) and monitor the publications in the media. We also engage in direct observation participating in various groups, task forces, councils etc., in which issues relevant for the integrity of public life are discussed (e.g. Public Debate Forum at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, parliamentary commissions, public meetings).

On the basis of the monitoring we produce short reports and in-depth analyses of events, initiatives and bills etc. which are relevant to transparency, accountability and integrity of public life. We disseminate them in the NGO community, public administration and the media.

Through the Observatory we want to reach out to the public, to pro-actively affect public debate and to increase awareness of such issues as good governance, transparency, problems of corruption and anti-corruption policies.

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