Grażyna Kopińska
tel. 22 536 02 58

Civic Legislative Forum

The quality of legislation and the transparency of the legislative process are key for reducing corruption in Poland. Using the provisions of the Lobbying Act, which gives citizens formal ways of participating in the legislative process, we join efforts in support of improving the quality of legislation and eliminate the threat of corruption.

We are engaged in advocacy efforts to implement the proposals and recommendations developed over the past few years with the help of the Citizens Legislative Forum launched on our initiative in 2009. The Forum brings together experts, researchers and NGO leaders active in projects designed to improve the quality of the legislative process and opening it up to the voice of citizens.  The Civic Legislative Forum is primarily concentrated on the reform of regulation, public consultations standards and the implementation of the lobbying law. In 2011, the Civic Legislation Forum, supported by constitutional law experts, initiated a discussion on the relevance of creating a new legal framework to radically improve the legislative process by strengthening the role of public consultation in this process and introducing greater transparency.

The Forum members present their opinions and recommendations on the legislative process in seminars and debates organized by the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, during sessions of Parliamentary Committees, in meetings with officials from the Prime Minister Office, Government Legislative Center, different ministries and in open seminars and conferences, in public meetings and press articles, letters and petitions.

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