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Analysis of the Practice of Public Consultations

Public consultations are an important component of the modern legislative model. They open the legislative process to public input, make it more transparent, improve the chances of the new legislation being more readily understood and accepted by society. Consultations are also an important part of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) procedure which is aimed to develop the substantive basis for the legislative proposals. Sound consultations conducted as part of the RIA process ensure that such new legislation is designed to best meet its goals and objectives without causing detrimental social, economic or political impacts. By involving a variety of different stakeholders with different backgrounds and expertise in the RIA process legislators can better understand the practical implications of the proposed law.

The importance of public consultations was appreciated in the latest government Better Regulation 2015 program which among other things streamlines the consultation procedures by applying online tools and by creating and maintaining an up-to-date record of consulted stakeholders.

In 2013, we are assessing the results of the latest amendments in the public consultation and RIA process adopted by the government in late 2011. We are testing the impact of the 2011 amendments on the quality of legislation and the adequacy of the public consultations process. Over 100 government proposed bills (with related files) processed by Parliament in 2012 are examined with selected bills chosen for in-depth case studies.

We hope that our findings and recommendations will be used as inputs in the further review of the legislative process and in the implementation of the Better Regulation 2015 program.

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