Grzegorz Makowski
Program Director
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 07
Grażyna Kopińska
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 58
Marcin Waszak
phone: |+48| 22 536 02 37

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Public Integrity

The goal of the program is to increase transparency and integrity in public life and to promote open, accountable governance.

The program is a continuation of the Against Corruption program, which was started in 2000 and has led to significant institutional and legislative change. We were engaged in educational and information projects trying to sensitize the public to the various aspects and forms of corruption. We monitored the performance of government and political parties with respect to implementing and compliance with anti-corruption legislation. We conducted activities aimed at the dissemination and implementation of the recommendations of international institutions and the recommendations that precipitated from our own monitoring. 

Currently, we are focusing on efforts to ensure the transparency of the legislative process and opening it up to the voice of citizens, the limitation of the risks of corruption, nepotism and cronyism linked to the conflict of interest in public life, to strengthen the role and legal protection of whistleblowers. We monitor and analyze processes and events which affect the integrity of public life. We make proposals and recommendations aiming at improving the standards of public life and curbing corruption. We take measures to develop, disseminate and implement solutions which comply with the standard of good governance and accountable government. In our activity we cooperate with other organizations and institutions both in Poland and internationally. We are a member of the Coalition for Open Government and the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations.

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