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For Belarus

The program’s objective is to support civic initiatives aimed at building an open society and preparing for democratic changes in Belarus.
We award grants for work in the following fields:
  • encouraging civic activity, developing self-government and self-organisation (also through  educational and cultural work, and youth initiatives);
  • defending human rights, providing legal assistance, counteracting discrimination, and  promoting tolerance;
  • conducting independent research and analyses;
  • broadening access to reliable information, developing traditional and social media.

 We also support other initiatives which coincide with the aims of the program.
We accept applications at any time, with an evaluation period of approximately three months.
Rules for grant applications
Who can receive a grant?
Grants are primarily intended for Belarusian non-governmental organisations. Other entities may also receive grants if the activities they plan are relevant to the aforementioned aims of the program.
What are the grant period and amount, and what expenses may be covered from the grant?
As a rule, grants are awarded for 12 months, with an upper limit of 15 000 EUR. In certain justified cases, the grant amount may be higher, with a longer implementation period. Grants may be used to cover all expenses necessary for the implementation of the planned activity.
How should a grant application be submitted?
Applications can be submitted in English, Belarusian, Polish or Russian and should include:
  • information about the organisation: name; contact details; a brief description of the organisation (field of activity, achievements); plus a list of projects/activities implemented during the last two years;
  • information about the planned project/activity: a description (why it is necessary and what effects it should have); an implementation plan; a detailed budget and other planned sources of funding (indicating what amounts have been awarded or are expected, and for what activities); plus contact details for the person in charge of implementing the project.

 Applications should be submitted in a way which guarantees secure correspondence. Projects sent openly via e-mail or post will not be evaluated.
When will the application be evaluated?
The evaluation period for applications is approximately three months.
For further information, please write to belarus@batory.org.pl or contact the program coordinator, Dominika Kupniewska, via dkupniewska@batory.org.pl ; tel.: + 48 22 536 02 06.

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